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Random Post: Quad Tiltrotor

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Official name: Quad Tiltrotor (QTR) (Unofficially dubbed V-44 Coyote).
Manufactured: Bell / Boeing (USA).
Type: Cargo tiltrotor.

The QTR only officially exists on paper. No prototype has been built yet, but the Quad is in a heated competition with four other designes in the Army’s Joint Heavy Lift program. This program is derived from the V-22 Osprey project, except the Quad will be much larger, larger even than a C-130. The development team hopes to have a working prototype by 2012 that will have an 815-inch (about 68 ft) long cargo bay that will be able to hold nine 463L pallets, 110 paratroopers, or 150 infantry soldiers. The tilt-rotor could potentially hold 26 tons of payload and have a range of 1000 nmi.

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