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Random Post: AH-64D

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Official name: AH-64D Apache Longbow Block III.
Manufactured: Boeing / McDonnell Douglas / Hughes (USA).
Type: Attack helicopter.
Propulsion: Twin GE T700-GE-701D engines.
Maximum speed: 182 mph.
Service ceiling: 21,000 ft.
Flight radius: 300 miles.
Empty weight: 11,387 lbs.
Loaded weight: 17,650 lbs.
Maximum takeoff weight: 23,000 lbs.
Blade Diameter: 48 ft.
Length: 58.17 feet.
Height: 12.7 feet.
Weaponry: 30 mm M230 cannon with 1,200 rounds and compatibility with Hydra 70 rockets and Hellfire, Stinger, and Sidewinder missiles (16 missiles or 76 rockets).
Development Status: Block III upgrades began in 2008 and will keep the Apache in service for what its users hope will be 25 years. More than 1,000 Longbows are either on order or in service around the world, but so far only the US with its 500 Apaches is upgrading.
Miscellaneous: The new upgrades include greater intelligence integration and better communication. The new computer system allows Apache pilots to control UAVs. A new blade system with composite materials increases speed, climb, and payload characteristics.

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