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Random Post: SU-35BM

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Official name: SU-35BM.
Manufactured: Sukhoi (Russia).
Type: Generation 4++ Multi-role fighter.
Propulsion: Duel Saturn Turbofan Engines.
Maximum speed: Mach 2.3.
Service ceiling: 18,000m.
Range: 3600 km.
Empty weight: 40,500lbs.
Maximum takeoff weight: 75,000lbs.
Length: 22m.
Height: 6m.
Wing area: 62m^2.
Thrust to weight ratio: 1.15.
Weaponry: 30mm cannon, 14 hardpoints.
Development Status: Developed as an updated version of the SU-35 from the SU-27 family. First flight in early 2008.
Analysis: Built both to bridge the gap to the PAK-FA entering service for Russia and India and for export possibly to Brazil and Venezuela.
Miscellaneous: Has 2D thrust vectoring nozzles. Lacks AESA radar. Reduced frontal radar signature compared to SU-35 and SU-27.


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