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Random Post: X-45C

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Official name: X-45C Phantom Ray.
Manufactured: Boeing (USA).
Type: Stealth UCAV.
Propulsion: GE F404 engine.

Developed from the X-45A (featured in the video) and X-45B, the X-45C project was canceled by the Air Force in 2006. However, the project was resurrected in the form of the X-45N naval variant. But, that plan was scrubbed when the Navy went with the more advanced X-47. Now it seems Boeing is attempting another comeback with the Phantom Ray. This aircraft has an identical airframe to the X-45C. The Phantom, if put into service, will carry out much the same roles as those intended for the X-45A/B models. It is a true multi-role vehicle, capable of surveillance, hunting and attack, and mid air re-fueling missions. Its biggest role will probably be electronics warfare. It will likely be tasked with jamming missions where it will fly out ahead of an attack force and clear the area of radar and early warning equipment. Test flights are expected in late 2010. Boeing could be aiming the Phantom Ray at an anticipated Navy competition in 2013 to accompany the implementation of the X-47.

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