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Random Post: 2037 Bomber

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The proposed 2037 bomber, if it is ever produced, will be the most advanced aircraft to ever fly. It will take on much of the load of today’s B-52H, being able to carry an extremely heavy payload over a vast range. However, that is where the similarities end. This project, like the one due in 2018, is extremely speculative and disorganized. Not much solid evidence exists of the projects progression and many different designs have emerged. There is even confusion as to which of the new designs are intended for deployment in 2018 and which are set for 2037. Some aviation experts believe the new bomber will be a more conventional aircraft like a B-2 that will be capable of supersonic flight. Many others think this project will resemble the proposed HyperSoar design. If this turns out to be the case, such a bomber would be the size of a B-52, but carry twice the payload. It would skip through low Earth orbit using scramjets and be capable of mach 10+ speeds. The body would probably resemble the DARPA Falcon research vehicle already in development (featured in the video). Some speculate that the 2037 would be unmanned, but most in the development process believe it will be manned and possibly accompanied by the development of a hypersonic UAV. The main problem for such a design is how to deliver the ordinance. Most conventional bombs would explode in the heat of such an immense drop. Even if you could build a bomb strong enough, accuracy would be compromised by the weigh and speed of the bomb. The development of weaponized lasers leads many to wonder if that will be the weapon of choice. Developers deny the use of lasers and say it is more likely that a hypersonic bomber would have to slow down and lower its altitude to release bombs.

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