2018 Bomber

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The USAF’s New Generation Bomber project, more commonly known as the 2018 bomber, will be a medium range aircraft to replace the fleet of B-1Bs and un-updated B-52s. Many of the major aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman have entered the competition. The early designs are extremely wide-ranging. Some designs are sub-sonic while others are capable of Mach 2+. Some entries are unstealthy, like the heavy contender B-1R from Boeing, and others are even stealthier than the B-2. Other big name players are the F/B-22 variant of the Raptor, a B-2-esque deign from Boeing and Lockheed Martin, and a bomber variant of the YF-23 from Northrop and McDonnell Douglas. As the title suggests, the bomber that is chosen will enter active service in 2018 to lead into the 2037 bomber project that will feature a much greater range and payload and boast hypersonic speeds and an extremely stealthy frame. Going by the Air Force’s current naming standards, the 2018 bomber should be designated B-3. Working prototypes could fly as soon as next year, or potentially as late as 2016. The minimum requirements laid out for all competitors are:

- High subsonic top speed
- 2,000+ miles flight radius
- 14,000 lb payload
- Nuclear compatible
- Large fuel capacity for extended loitering

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