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Official name: SR-91 Aurora (Speculative).
Manufactured: Lockheed Martin (Allegedly).
Type: High speed, high altitude reconnaissance plane.

All specs on this alleged aircraft are speculative and based on aviation expert hypothesis.

Propulsion: Four turbofans for low speed takeoffs and landings and ramjets, scramjets, pulsejets, or pulse detonation engines for high altitude flight.
Maximum speed: Mach 6+ (Some estimates put it at only Mach 3 while others say as high as Mach 20).
Service ceiling: 200,000 ft.
Range: 9,320 miles.
Empty weight: 65,000 lbs.
Maximum takeoff weight: 157,000 lbs.
Wingspan: 65 feet.
Length: 115 feet.
Height: 19 feet.
Wing area: 3,200 ft².
Thrust to weight ratio: 0.70.
Weaponry: Probably none, but could carry Pheonix long-range missiles for defense.
Development Status: Instated to replace U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird in 1990 with the development in mid-80’s.
Analysis: The government has never released any confirmation of the Aurora and all information on it is purely speculative. Theorists point to unexplained sonic booms in the area of air bases and strange contrails in the sky as proof for a high altitude spy plane. Many of these contrails are a series of loop-shaped vapor formations that would point to the use of a classified pulse engine. Some conspiracy theorists have speculated that such an aircraft was reverse engineered from a downed alien spacecraft, but most Aurora believers think it is a black military project produced by an advanced aircraft manufacturer, like Lockheed’s SkunkWorks facility that also built the B-2 and F-117 which seemed alien in their own time. Many point to a Pentagon budget release in the 1980’s that contained billions of dollars allocated to a project called “Aurora” that was in the same section as spending for the SR-71 and U-2. The government has dismissed this as a code name for B-2 development. Satellite photos, like one of hangar 18 at Area 51, have shown huge black triangle, but the government says its an F-117. However, most agree that such an object is 2-3 times larger than an F-117. Supposed rogue employees of fanciful airbases and manufacturing plants have come out over the years with revelations beyond any of our wildest dreams. A “Mr.X” once claimed to have worked at a secret facility were he saw an “Insect like” plane and was told it could do mach 9 and was weaponized with incredible range air-to-air missiles, a micro-wave cannon, and a laser-guided air-to-surface missile system. He has been widely cast off as a hoax. The Aurora may never be confirmed, but the number of reported sightings and suspicious Air Force activity is on the rise.

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